Your Yoga & Meditation Instructor

For Naiza, at first yoga was just another form of exercise; a way to keep the body moving on days she couldn’t make it to the gym. Over time, however, things started happening. The progressive changes of her physical body made it more desirable to keep coming back. The inner workings, though; that’s where the real magic occurred! Over the years Yoga has allowed her to step back and look at life as if through the eyes of a child trying to make the world a better place. Her calling was to teach and share what she has learned. Today, she lives life not just for the betterment of herself and her son, but also for those that have never experienced love, guidance, and support. To give that little extra push, outside of their comfort zone, so they can see what life really has to offer them.

Naiza has several certifications that are dedicated to helping and improving people’s lives. She received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification through a Yoga Alliance Registered School in Orlando. Yoga Nidra training with E-RYT200 Debbie Parsons. A progressive 140-hour certification for trauma informed yoga with the internationally established yoga school YogaFit. A TRX training certification with TRX Black and Yellow Course Instructor Chris Cygul. By the time of the retreat, she will have completed the 500-hour Pilates certification with Club Pilates.